Where to start when building a Garden Room

A Garden Room, something I would just love to have myself one day! If like me you have a relatively small house but are just wanting some extra space and have no means of building an extension, then maybe your garden is the solution!

Another great thing about garden rooms is that do not usually require planning permission. providing that it falls withthin permitted development guidelines. To be classed as an ‘outbuilding’ under rules, it must not be used to sleep in and must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 250cm.

Typically Garden Rooms are of a timber construction and can incorporate double glazed windows, doors and even a skylight. They can also have electric and heating. There are loads of ideas and even plans available online – But dont fancy building your own garden room? There are companies across the UK specialising in just this. Also, adding this feature to your home can give up to a 5% increase to the value of a property. This is often more than enough to cover the price of installing the garden room. Another great reason to install one.

Whilst a garden room can be attached to the house rather like a conservatory they are most often stand alone buildings situated in the back garden.

But what would you use it for? There are loads of reasons why you might want a garden room and just in case you dont have a reason, here are some ideas.

Home office
Probably the most common reason for creating a garden room and the exact reason I would love to have one myself!

Hobby room
Your own personal space to work on the things you love.

Enjoy fitness, but dont have time to travel to your local gym? Have your own gym at home!

Childrens room
No, not a place to lock the children in when you need 5 minutes to relax! But a cool room for the kids to enjoy and play.

Home Spa
If you are planning to create a garden room for anything else, dont let the wife read this idea!

Yoga Ashram
Your own little place of calm.

What else can I say, your very own bar at home? Perfect!

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