What is the difference between a Rooflight, Skylight & Roof Window?

This is a question I get asked alot! And although there are a few different sources online that explain this, they all seem to be overly complicated for what is quite a straightforward answer!

So, ‘Rooflights’, ‘Skylights’ and ‘Roof Windows’ all come in to one category; Windows. They are all means of introducing natural daylight into a building or your home for example.

‘Skylights’ and ‘Rooflights’, for me, are the same thing. Typically I would refer a ‘Rooflight’ (or Skylight) to a window that is being installed into a flat roof. Some examples of these would be Dome Skylights, Flat Glass Skylights, Roof Lanterns, etc. But people will also refer to pitched roof windows, like VELUX windows, as ‘Rooflights’ to.

Which brings us onto Roof Windows. Typically I would refer to a Pitched Roof Window, like VELUX or FAKRO Windows, as a ‘Roof Window’

Really, you can’t go wrong with using any of the above terminologies when refering to any type of rooflight. It just may help when searching online if you are looking to buy one.

Other types of Rooflights: Sun Tubes, Sun Tunnels, Light Tubes… the list goes on for these but they are in fact all the same type of product. Just another type of Rooflight!

If you are still unsure, get in touch!

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