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Rooflights for your home

Rooflights are a fantastic choice to add to your home project. Not only do they add a stunning feature, they introduce natural daylight and will save you money on your energy bills. There are many types of Rooflights (Skylights) available. Glass Rooflights are an excellent choice, they offer great visuals, great performance and are a long lasting window. Adding a Rooflight like this can really open up a room, making it look larger which will help when it comes to a potential buyer. Introducing natural daylight is also good for your health, studies have shown. So if you are thinking of installing one, we strongly reccomend it!

EPDM rubber roofing

OK so Rubber Roofing has now been around for a few years, but if you still haven't heard of this then here is why we reccomend it for your flat roof. Rubber Roofing (Aka, EPDM Roofing) is a single ply rubber membrane that covers your flat roof; like Felt and other traditional waterproofings. Not only is it relatively cheap to purchase, its long lasting and usually comes supplied in a single sheet to fit your roof. So no seams or welds to make, meaning less chance of a leak in the future. There are a few manufacturers of this type of waterproofing but Firestone EPDM seems to be the most popular choice and there are plenty of suppliers worldwide.

DIY & Maintenance ideas

Updating or renovating your home can cost a pretty penny, but we are helping you by providing fresh ideas and useful information to help your property project become a reality. If you have any useful tips you’d like to share, then contact us today!

General Home Improvement

Garden Fencing can be a costly job to do. With many types of fencing we typically choose to go with a cheaper wooden fence – But what if there was a long term fencing soltution, meaning less maintenance and less cost years down the line. Permafence Metal Garden Fencing is the answer.

Another brilliant idea for a long lasting garden is Artificial Grass. I can’t recommend this stuff enough after installing it myself! I didn’t go for a budget option, but still didnt spend a fortune. I can’t say I miss spending my day pulling out weeds or mowing the grass and it stays looking freshly cut all year round! We have some articals on artificial grass so go check them out now!