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Rooflights for your home

Rooflights are a fantastic choice to add to your home project. Not only do they add a stunning feature, they introduce natural daylight and will save you money on your energy bills. There are many types of Rooflights (Skylights) available. Glass Rooflights are an excellent choice, they offer great visuals, great performance and are a long lasting window. Adding a Rooflight like this can really open up a room, making it look larger which will help when it comes to a potential buyer. Introducing natural daylight is also good for your health, studies have shown. So if you are thinking of installing one, we strongly reccomend it!

EPDM rubber roofing

OK so Rubber Roofing has now been around for a few years, but if you still haven't heard of this then here is why we reccomend it for your flat roof. Rubber Roofing (Aka, EPDM Roofing) is a single ply rubber membrane that covers your flat roof; like Felt and other traditional waterproofings. Not only is it relatively cheap to purchase, its long lasting and usually comes supplied in a single sheet to fit your roof. So no seams or welds to make, meaning less chance of a leak in the future. There are a few manufacturers of this type of waterproofing but Firestone EPDM seems to be the most popular choice and there are plenty of suppliers worldwide.

DIY & Maintenance ideas

Updating or renovating your home can cost a pretty penny, but we are helping you by providing fresh ideas and useful information to help your property project become a reality. If you have any useful tips you’d like to share, then contact us today!

General Home Improvement

Garden Fencing can be a costly job to do. With many types of fencing we typically choose to go with a cheaper wooden fence – But what if there was a long term fencing soltution, meaning less maintenance and less cost years down the line. Permafence Metal Garden Fencing is the answer.

Another brilliant idea for a long lasting garden is Artificial Grass. I can’t recommend this stuff enough after installing it myself! I didn’t go for a budget option, but still didnt spend a fortune. I can’t say I miss spending my day pulling out weeds or mowing the grass and it stays looking freshly cut all year round! We have some articals on artificial grass so go check them out now!

Something I haven’t really needed to undertake over the last 30 years is replace any significant amount of fencing in a property. And until now I didnt realise how far garden fencing had come, nor how costly this can be!

I had around 180 feet of fencing to replace, the old rotted out timber had been there for well over 20 years now. But it wasn’t until I started looking around online for the best deal that I came across so many different types of fencing ideas – It has come a long way from that typical wooden fence!

Something I came across though had really caught my eye, for a few reasons. Firstly the cost – It wasnt cheap! But then I figured that in the long run, this might be a cost effective solution as it would probably outlast me, let alone any other type of fence!

I had seen this type of metal garden fencing before I am sure, probably 8 or 9 years ago I saw it on TV. Its a powder coated metal fence, that looks stunning and you wouldnt really tell it was metal until you touched it. It installs in the exact same way traditional fencing does and I dont have to paint it – sold!

When fitting our flat roof, one of the main things to take into account the degree to which it would slope. A good fall on the roof helps stop rainwater from ponding or settling on it. Not only would this be unsightly but it can always deteriate the waterproofing.

But what pitch exactly? A good place to start and get some idea is by looking at the rule book, The Building Regs! Building regulations states I need to have a minimum slope of 1:80 but it also recommends creating a steeper slope at 1:40 – So this is what I will be aiming for. To achieve this fall we are laying firrings on top of the ceiling joists. Firrings are like tapered pieces of timber, which you can lay to achieve the fall on the roof and can be purchased from most builders merchants or timber yards.

Although sometimes cut on site, our local timber merchants already had them pre-cut so this saved us time and money, not to mention we didnt have to rely on our guys to cut them without any discrepancies.

Now the timber is all down and in place we can start laying insulation and get ready to lay our waterproofing. Once the rain stops of course!

Noticed that damp patch on the ceiling, but keep putting it off as you dont want to think about the costs of repairing the roof? You shouldnt need to panic, it might not be so bad after all.

EPDM rubber roofing over the last 10 years has really hit the market and has become a popular choice when covering a flat roof, there is a reason for this! There are many benefits to Rubber Roofing; It’s cost effective over long periods. Although it’s not the cheapest material to purchase, it seems to outlast all other materials which is why its become the number one choice for many property owners.

If you have never heard of EPDM or Rubber Roofing then I will give a quick rundown. EPDM Roofing is a Single Ply membrane that is used to cover the area of a flat roof to ensure it’s watertight. It does the same job as your typical felt system or GRP for example. Because the EPDM comes supplied in huge sheets, you can usually get the whole roof in a single piece of EPDM which means no joins or seams – So less likely to leak in the future.

Cost. Ok so although EPDM roofs can be a little more expensive to install compared to Felt, the longevity is usually alot better.The cost for professional installation will depend on a few things. Firstly depending where you are in the country, this will have an effect on cost – London for example may cost more than somehwere in Mnchester. The cost to install will also come down to the total square footage of the roof. The complexity of the roof itself will also factor in. If you have a freestanding garage for exampe with no pipes, skylights or any other protrusions then this will be a lot easier to install compared to a roof that will need flashing or seams to be made.

Install costs could be anywhere from £50 to £150 per square meter. But EPDM is relatively easy to install if you are in the trade. There are loads of videos online and also training centers across the UK if you want to have a go yourself!

A Garden Room, something I would just love to have myself one day! If like me you have a relatively small house but are just wanting some extra space and have no means of building an extension, then maybe your garden is the solution!

Another great thing about garden rooms is that do not usually require planning permission. providing that it falls withthin permitted development guidelines. To be classed as an ‘outbuilding’ under rules, it must not be used to sleep in and must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 250cm.

Typically Garden Rooms are of a timber construction and can incorporate double glazed windows, doors and even a skylight. They can also have electric and heating. There are loads of ideas and even plans available online – But dont fancy building your own garden room? There are companies across the UK specialising in just this. Also, adding this feature to your home can give up to a 5% increase to the value of a property. This is often more than enough to cover the price of installing the garden room. Another great reason to install one.

Whilst a garden room can be attached to the house rather like a conservatory they are most often stand alone buildings situated in the back garden.

But what would you use it for? There are loads of reasons why you might want a garden room and just in case you dont have a reason, here are some ideas.

Home office
Probably the most common reason for creating a garden room and the exact reason I would love to have one myself!

Hobby room
Your own personal space to work on the things you love.

Enjoy fitness, but dont have time to travel to your local gym? Have your own gym at home!

Childrens room
No, not a place to lock the children in when you need 5 minutes to relax! But a cool room for the kids to enjoy and play.

Home Spa
If you are planning to create a garden room for anything else, dont let the wife read this idea!

Yoga Ashram
Your own little place of calm.

What else can I say, your very own bar at home? Perfect!

This is a question I get asked alot! And although there are a few different sources online that explain this, they all seem to be overly complicated for what is quite a straightforward answer!

So, ‘Rooflights’, ‘Skylights’ and ‘Roof Windows’ all come in to one category; Windows. They are all means of introducing natural daylight into a building or your home for example.

‘Skylights’ and ‘Rooflights’, for me, are the same thing. Typically I would refer a ‘Rooflight’ (or Skylight) to a window that is being installed into a flat roof. Some examples of these would be Dome Skylights, Flat Glass Skylights, Roof Lanterns, etc. But people will also refer to pitched roof windows, like VELUX windows, as ‘Rooflights’ to.

Which brings us onto Roof Windows. Typically I would refer to a Pitched Roof Window, like VELUX or FAKRO Windows, as a ‘Roof Window’

Really, you can’t go wrong with using any of the above terminologies when refering to any type of rooflight. It just may help when searching online if you are looking to buy one.

Other types of Rooflights: Sun Tubes, Sun Tunnels, Light Tubes… the list goes on for these but they are in fact all the same type of product. Just another type of Rooflight!

If you are still unsure, get in touch!